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Vermont Country House

This small house was built as a vacation residence in central Vermont farm country. Poised at the edge of a small field, its crystalline temple forms in the landscape evokes both the geometric simplicity of the vernacular houses and barns of the Vermont landscape and more distant echoes of the early nineteenth century Greek Revival. The main house revolves around a central fireplace; a living/dining area stretches across the entire front of the house with a seating group at the fireplace. Upstairs a single bedroom sits behind a recessed porch, a characteristic Vermont feature. The bedroom bridges across the living area, which rises to the roof on either side. Tall windows and skylights flood the living area with light all day.

A sun porch rotated out from the main house connects it to a private wing with a master bedroom and bath on the main level, garage and winter entry below, and painting and writing studios above. The three building elements form a tiny acropolis at the top of the field, with the individual pieces oriented on key view axes , and they define a sunny terrace on the south side.

The exterior materials are common in the area: vertical board siding, Greek Revival trim and a metal roof, but the design mixes barn and temple metaphors. Inside, plank and beam ceilings highlight key areas, and yellow birch floors provide a dramatic accent.

Project Type

Central Vermont

2,700 sf



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