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Townshend Town Hall

The Townsend Memorial Hall stands today as a 19th century artifact of the history of the Town of Townsend. Constructed in 1894 as a memorial to the Civil War soldiers and as a public meeting hall, the building currently functions as the location of the town offices. It was a much loved feature of the historic downtown district, but the lack of adequate space for town departments, barrier free access to all floors and a deteriorating building system had become serious issues for maintaining its intended uses.

Based on the existing conditions and the proposed program, the project included the restoration of the auditorium, balcony and lobby to their original character; the provision of barrier free access to all public spaces; renovation of the ground floor and side wings for use as town offices and public meeting space; modest additions for office space and a new records vault; and restoration of the exterior finishes to the original aesthetic character and color palette.

(Frank Adams was the Project Architect for Stahl Associates, with Richard Smith assisting on planning issues.)

Project Type
Historic Preservation


Townshend, MA

15,300 sf



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